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Value (verb): To consider regarding worth, importance, usefulness or excellence.

At Clever Guys Media, we’ve built our business on value – the things that are important to us, that shape what we do and how we do it. You understand this, because you do the same. In fact, every organization – business, non-profit, school, you name it – exists to pursue what it values. So what do we value?

We only have so much time and creative energy each day. Where we choose to invest that time and energy – that’s how you can tell what’s important. At Clever Guys Media, we seek out partners and projects that share our beliefs. That means working with non-profits, civic organizations, conferences and other events with a story we want to help share. And it means doing what is right, not just what is easy. Let us know what matters to you. We’ll see how we can help.
The most important thing your organization has is a story to tell to your employees, customers, and the public. That story grows out of your passion, and it’s told every day in everything you do. It’s important to tell it well, and widely, and that’s something we help organizations do every day. We help you reach customers and communicate with employees in a way that extends your brand. Your story is important to you, and it’s important to us. Make telling your story an integral part of the story itself.
We know that you’re not bringing us in to help with the easy stuff. And we’re pretty sure you’re not interested in our dashing good looks. Let’s face it: if you’ve got an easy job, you could get anyone to help you (but we’d still love to help with those too). Problem solving starts with asking the right questions, and sometimes it means knowing what not to do, as much as knowing the right direction to go. We solve problems, it’s what we do. What can we do to help you?
Excellence is not a destination, it’s a journey. It’s a constant striving to do better. To improve. To create new solutions. It’s important to you – you spend time making sure things are exactly right with your organization, event, or brand. And so do we. Whether it’s new encoding techniques, new streaming protocols, or simply taking another look at what has been a good solution so far, we don’t stop improving. You deserve it.

Take a look at some of the solutions we offer, or some of the great projects we’ve helped our partners put together. And then contact us. We’d love to help you bring value to your next event.